Cheese? and Pear salad before an early flight – 21 December 2014

main141221There was no imagining that I could cook the night before a 6am plane flight (and 4am departure, and 3am alarm), so D of course too over. wine141221I asked if we could have one of the two pears R gave us from his Harry and David gift from D’s Dad P, so D made this lovely salad. The pear was perfect πŸ™‚ I am writing this the 28th, across the country, and don’t remember for sure, but I’m thinking we had some cheese with dinner that does not appear in the pictures and it might have been some P’tit Basque. I had that for both breakfast and lunch during the long flight from SFO through San Diego to IAD, and it was a real pleasure.

Had an Acme Italian Batard, and D brought up a bottle of Chateau Liversan (Bordeaux from Costco). Here’s the rather chaotic, but also kinda cool, setting for this evening’s dinner:



There was also the problem that I had bought a persimmon – the squishy kind – to have with vanilla ice cream, and it likely would not stick around waiting for me to return, so I requested it for dessert…


At dinner…

dessert141221After also having it for lunch πŸ™‚


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