Grilled cheese sandwiches; lettuce and carrots – 23 December 2014

main141223 setting141223We didn’t have much lying around for dinner, so Mom suggested grilled cheese sandwiches, which was a great idea. The cheese was longhorn cheddar, and the bread was one called “potato bread,” a pretty soft, slightly sweetish, rather uninteresting bread that I didn’t think went well with the cheese at all. Mom put margarine on the outsides of the two slices for each of us, and I cut up cheese to fill the insides. We cooked them I think on too high a heat, such that the outsides got done before the insides heated up enough, but in the end, they were good, and good food. Does margarine still have trans fats in it? I have not looked into that in ages b/c this is the only place I ever have margarine. Mom also likes to get out baby carrots and lettuce and put dressing on them, in this case “Lite Thousand Island,” and that is a good tasting sort-of-salad. Best part of dinner was reminding Mom how, when we were little, she taught us to make rings for our fingers out of the melted cheese stretched between two sandwich pieces 🙂

wine141223I got out one of the Rockland House Reds (from Maryland!) that I bought at the Kensington farmers’ market in May. It was good, but not fabulous, and is pretty much overpriced for value, I think. But I like supporting beginners, and also local businesses, so I’m glad I got some. Am leaving the other bottle for future visits.

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