Mom’s chili, cooked by me; salad – 24 December 2014

main141224setting141224True to family tradition, I cooked up a batch of Mom’s chili for her, brother B, and me, for Christmas Eve. It’s a great recipe for what often is a hectic day, though this one was less so. However, we did use the extended simmer time to decorate our tree 🙂

Here’s the recipe, kindly copied into email from home by D, and enhanced by moi a bit in square brackets. The official name is “Janet’s Chili.”

1 1/2 lb hamburger
2 cans kidney beans including liquid
2 – 1lb cans or 28oz can tomatoes, including liquid
1 t chili powder
1 onion
1 tsp brown sugar
[I used the largest Revere Ware frying pan, which I think is 12″.] Brown the meat. [I used a bit of oil in the pan first. Also, the package said 1.3 lb hamburger – obviously one need not be very precise in a chili. I moved the package to the fridge the previous evening, and it was almost entirely defrosted by 4pm.] The recipe here says “add everything else, simmer 3-4 hr” and that’s it! [I chopped the onion and added it to the mostly-done meat, so that the onion would cook to softness by the time I added the other stuff. You can drain or scoop off the fat before adding the canned things, but there was not much fat this time. I broke up the tomatoes with the big cooking spoon. You can use diced tomatoes to avoid this effort.]
Here is a previous rendition of the recipe, where I measured 1 tsp salt, and it also says 1 Tbsp chili powder. But this current version was really good.

wine141224And that’s it. Mom sliced up some lettuce and got out “baby” carrots, and we had their favorite Lite Thousand Island dressing on this. We had bits of a defrosted baguette, buttered (I think it was margarined, actually) heated in the broiler.

I got out a bottle of 2011 Le Grange Clinet Bordeaux which I had left in the cool cabinet in the den when I was here in May/June, and both B&I enjoyed that. Mom disliked it, as she pretty much does all red wines, but there was one she liked once so she wants to try them to see if it turns up again.


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