Pan fried salmon; rice; green beans – 25 December 2014

main141225Looking to the sensibilities of almost-veggie bro B, and those of Mom, who likes to see protein/veggie/starch meals, I suggested salmon for dinner, and this was endorsed by all. The butcher at the Giant cut a long fillet so that there were four portions (I said leftovers were good) but did not cut through the skin. I ended up cutting off one of the portions to lay alongside of the rest in the pan, but left three connected. This worked well, though I didn’t intend it. setting141225I first put butter in the pan and heated it, then added branches of rosemary that I brought from our garden at home and have kept in the fridge in a plastic bag  (Mom later thought it looked like Christmas tree branches, which it did indeed), and on top of that, the salted (not enough) and peppered salmon, skin side UP. I cooked this (in a cast-iron pan) for quite a few minutes, and was worried it was burning. In fact, when I finally turned it over, the top looked quite darkened in spots. However, it was fine. The second side cooked in less time than the first, and I left it till I could not see any uncooked parts either on the sides of the cut serving pieces, or in the thick centers, when I pulled apart some sections. Woa – the skin stuck to the pan, and I was able to remove the flesh to the heated serving plate with a pancake turner. Yay! It was good, not really overcooked at all, but undersalted.

I cut up and washed fresh green beans, let them drain till time to cook, and steamed them 5 minutes, then returned to the drained pan with a Tbsp or so of butter, and tossed them with the butter and some salt. Left on the burner (which, being electric, was probably still warm) while I served stuff. I tried to cook 1 cup of Uncle Ben’s rice according to the directions, which I remember as being, basically, perfect, but the rice seemed too wet at 20 minutes, so I left the burner on at least another 5 minutes. wine141225It was fine, but perhaps a bit overcooked, or damp or something. I also defrosted and cut into chunks a baguette that we had part of yesterday. I buttered the ends, in Mom’s fashion, and set it to broil, watching frequently – until I forgot. Fortunately, Mom noticed that the edges were getting quite dark and so the bread was saved from burning!

Oh dear, we didn’t actually make a pie or anything! B and I had treats made by R, which I brought with me, and that was as good as pie any day 🙂

B&I had a bottle of CalStar Sonoma Coast Chardonnay (San Giacomo vineyards, 2010) that D and R got from their friend the winemaker last February, and D suggested I serve with the salmon. It was excellent with the meal.

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