Tuna in white sauce over egg noodles; “southwest” frozen vegetable mix – 28 December 2014

main141228Mom usually doesn’t check her shelves before going shopping, and cruises the aisles picking up whatever she thinks she might need – but often, she already has plenty. Realizing she had way too much tuna (still no problem with expiration dates, though) she suggested we use up 2 cans be making creamed tuna, and putting it over egg noodles. setting141228She made a white sauce with either butter or margarine, flour, milk, salt and perhaps pepper but I don’t think so, and then I mixed in the drained tuna, which had been heating in the oven with the serving dishes. She cooked the egg noodles – short, semi-curly ones – easy to eat – in boiling, salted water, and likewise a package of Birds-Eye (from Safeway) “Southwest Blend” frozen vegetables, which are the best frozen veggie mix I can remember ever having. I don’t generally care for frozen veggies, but these had decent texture and the flavors – corn, black beans, poblano peppers, red peppers & roasted onions – were interesting. Poblanos are my favorite chilis.  wine141228I took the multigrain baguette that brother B picked up on our last shopping trip and cut 5 sort of 1 1/2″ chunks from it in Mom’s fashion, buttering one end of each, and placing under the broiler after removing the warmed dishes from the oven. I managed not to forget the bread this time. Mom saved them when I was cooking the Moros y Cristianos the other night.

The other day at the state liquor store I found a pinot grigio by Cantina Zaccagnini, who make our Montepulciano “Friday wine,” and of course I had to try that. I really enjoyed this wine – good flavor, and bright and cheery.


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