Omelette with tomato-basil sauce and mild cheddar; green beans; pear salad; multi-grain baguette pieces – 29 December 2014

main141229Mom noted that we had about 2 1/2 dozen eggs, and even with using 5 in the poteca we would still have an overstock, so I volunteered to make an omelette for dinner. I mixed three servings separately, one egg each for Mom and me, two for brother B, with milk, salt, and pepper. I cooked the eggs in separate frying pans, buttering the hot pan, and then turning the heat down a bit, and squidging in the sides of the omelettes so that uncooked egg could run over the sides to the pan and cook. I put grated cheddar on one side of each omelette and let it melt, then added the sauce, which I had cooked separately. I made the sauce by cooking a small cord of a yellow onion (cut into small dice) in I think olive oil (writing the 3rd), adding in two peeled and setting141229chopped tomatoes and several torn leaves of basil, salt and pepper. I folded the uncovered half of the omelette over the cheese/sauce half and let sit so everything would be warm, and then turned over onto well-heated plates. These were apparently a hit, from comments, but it’s possible Mom and B were just being nice. But I thought mine was really tasty 🙂

Green beans: the usual – clean and trim, cut to bite-size lengths, steam over boiling water 5 minutes, drain the pan and add butter, return the beans, salt and pepper them, and toss in the butter, keeping them warm over low heat. I also made a salad with a perfect pear that was ripening, having been bought green just the other day. I tore up bits of iceberg lettuce (the house brand 😉 ) and cut the pear into bite-sized chunks (going for comfort rather than beauty this time), added walnut pieces, and finally made a vinaigrette with olive oil and balsamic vinegar (perhaps 3:1, possibly 2:1), salt and pepper.

wine141229The multi-grain baguette comes I think from Giant in their area, and typically Mom cuts a few pieces in 1 1/2″ lengths or so, puts butter or margarine on one end and broils to heat them up and melt the butter. Did this, after removing the heating plates from harm’s way in the oven.

Wine was from Rocklands Farm in Maryland, their rose, which I bought last May at the Kensington farmers’ market and stowed in the amazingly cool “cellar” cabinet. It was a good choice with the meal, though a red would also have worked great.

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