Omelette with basil, garlic, and grana padano; broccoli; toast – 4 January 2015

main150104We had sort of planned to do a group cook tonight, but delayed that till tomorrow. I suggested to D that he use the basil I brought back from Mom’s (it would have gone to waste) in an omelette; he considered using that or the chervil, and decided on the basil. He also grated grana padano and added that to the setting1501043 eggs and milk, and added some garlic to the warming butter before the eggs were tossed into the pan. It was a good omelette, and also more organized-looking than usual. D uses Julia Child’s omelette-making method, but it is not easily mastered so sometimes the omelettes taste excellent but are not organized-looking. The taste is more important, of course!


I offered to cook the broccoli or the Brussels sprouts in the fridge, and D didn’t care so I chose the broccoli, for no particular reason. I steamed it 5 minutes, then reheated in butter and salt. I also toasted up 4 slices of today’s new Acme Italian Batard, and buttered them, placing them on the plates heating in the oven so they, also, would stay warm till the omelette was ready.

The South African Sandstone Estates 2013 Chenin Blanc from the case from P&P was in the fridge already, and D pulled it out for dinner. It’s an interesting wine – more so than Chenin Blancs we remember – so we may need to try more from this grape. Enjoyed it, but not dancing in the streets or anything.



150104R&D&I shared the last of the avgolemmono from last night’s dinner, and we made up some nice sandwiches using the new Acme Italian Batard, romaine, mayonnaise, and the sharp cheddar I brought back from Mom’s when she said she wouldn’t use it. Must have bought sharp by mistake of something.


breakfast150104I don’t think I’ve previously put a breakfast on this blog, but this was amusing, and also delicious. There were something like 3 eggwhites left from using only the yolks in the avgolemmono last night, and D put them in a Pyrex dish in the fridge. I was going to cook them plus an egg, but then decided what the heck, just cook the whites. I cooked them in butter as usual, and toasted up one slice from the no-knead bread I froze after dinner, and it was a great breakfast.

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