Spaghetti with tomato sauce with hard sausage bits – 5 January 2015

main150105setting150105D&R&I were going to cook up a special meal tonight, but they had to work late on D’s truck and other things, so that will be tomorrow. I worked on my HW after the class I’m taking (different!) and came down after 6:30, to find D having more or less just come in. wine150105He had pulled a vat of fresh tomato sauce from summer out of the freezer, and ended up adding Columbus Salsicce Secce to it, along with the thyme leaves that I had taken to DC and then brought back, unused. He began the re-heat by splashing a bit of old red wine into the pan. It was good 🙂

D pulled up a bottle of “Remarkable” Lot 74, a Santa Barbara County pinot noir from 2008 that we got at Grocery Outlet awhile ago. It was happy being opened awhile, though right at first, I was not excited about it. We have a lot of this, so should figure out what is the optimal meal for it.

[150614 – eta: We love this wine – most bottles are excellent!]

Draft finalized and posted 150614.

dessert150105150615: oops! Noticed we had poteca for dessert! Mom made this and I brought it back with me. I gather D just served it on the placemat later while I was checking random computer things.

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