Papardelle with radicchio, onions, and bacon; wilted arugula – 8 January 2015

main150108D and I collaborated on this one – he took over the prep so I could take a shower before dinner, as I like to do after a long day. We decided on Tuesday not to cook all the pasta b/c there was obviously too much, so tonight (Th) we rolled and cut the other half of the recipe, and cooked half of that, letting the rest dry for an hour or two and saving in the fridge for who-knows-when.  setting150108For the sauce: I cut two slices of Niman Ranch bacon into matchsticks (cutting the slices crosswise) and D sheparded their cooking in a bit of olive oil – though he thought, it being bacon and not pancetta as the recipe designates, that no oil was needed. After 5-8 minutes of cooking over moderate heat, he added 1/2 a good-sized yellow onion, sliced, and cooked that till it was nicely done – a bit browned. Just a few minutes before serving, he added half a head of radicchio, sliced, and turned it a bit for a couple minutes to cook slightly, then tossed the cooked pasta into the pan and mixed the noodles and sauce thoroughly. He grated parmaggiano over the top after serving to bowls that I had heated by filling with past water after the pasta was almost done.

The other recipe was wilted arugula from David Tanis’s One Good Dish. The arugula I had bought largely went bad since Sunday, which was very sad. It was odd – still had roots, in some sort of possibly artificial dirt blocks. But it still was not happy to be kept, alas. bread150108I cleaned up what I could salvage, being, after our worries about the kale on Tuesday, very conservative about what I would allow into the mix. The recipe is apparently just “heat pan, toss in garlic, then arugula – still wettish from washing – and turn off the heat.” It was quite delicious, and D talked about how many other greens you could do this with.


D went to the Bowl today to buy some welcome champagne for E, who has finally gotten her visa – in doing this, he also bought us a new Rioja, recommended by the Bowl staff, called Faustino VII (2009) which we enjoyed a lot. D also bought a new Acme Italian Batard at the Bowl, and we had a bit of that for dinner.

Afternoon tea with leftover cake –





[Edited and photos added, posted 150614]

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