Fried egg and toast – 9 January 2015

main150109[Written 20150614] There was no draft for this dinner, but there is a photo – I really wish I remembered why we decided on a fried egg for dinner… OHO! Nothing like looking at the rest of the pictures from that day 🙂 A gallery in Oakland had a party to show off D&R’s work, and we had gone there, hung out a log time, drunk some wine, and then got home somewhat late (the photo is timestamped 9:29). The party was the first time I had seen E for a couple of years – she just arrived on her visa the day before. Anyway, clearly D & I got home and weren’t especially hungry, so had a simple dinner, accompanied by leftover wine whose identity is lost to history (except I could probably even figure that out if I put in some effort 😉 )

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