Scallion soup; chard – 13 January 2015

main150113Another step towards using up the cream – this is not an unpleasant task.

ingredients150113-scallionsI first made this soup  in 2011 and tonight’s was no different, except that instead of putting mostly the solids into the blender, I just blent all of it. No biggie. I took the cooked soup from one Dutch oven and poured the pureed portions into another, then added the 1/2 cup cream and reheated. The original Saveur recipe is here.

prep150113-scallionsoupsetting150113I used up the rest of the chard from Saturday’s market purchase, sauteeing briefly in olive oil to wilt it (salting a little) and then adding a bit of water and covering to steam. No garlic this time b/c I thought it would fight with the soup.



wine150113D had brought up previously a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from The Wine Mine called Cairnbrae (2012) which we liked a great deal. I hope we can get more of this. It’s possibly the best Marlborough we’ve had. $9. We also ate up the last of the Acme Sweet Batard from yesterday. Good bread.


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