Potatoes, chorizo and eggs with peas; tangerines – 21 January 2015

main150121D and I spoke less than an hour before dinner, and we were going to talk about what to have for dinner when he got home. I stepped out of the shower to find him with a pan on the stove, starting to boil some potatoes for this dish. He asked after the Spanish chorizo (was half needed for something else?) but then used only half anyway, even after finding out the rest had no particular destiny. He tossed the peas in with the potatoes after a few minutes, and cooked the chorizo in oil with some cut onion, from the half setting150121I pointed out in the fridge door. He added some adobo from an ancient can in the fridge to two eggs, and scrambled them in the same pan with the chorizo and onion, but those had been pushed to the side, so he was pretty much cooking the eggs separately. Then he made a great gmish of all of it, which made a satisfying dinner. He later noticed he’d forgotten to add the garlic he had cut up, so that is saved for another day.

wine150121-beerD realized a beer (ale) would be the ideal drink, but unfortunately we didn’t have any in the fridge. We talked about it briefly, and since he hadn’t even put the potatoes in the water to cook (I think) he went into the cellar and brought up a bottle of Brother Thelonious Belgian style abbey ale, from North Coast Brewing Company, and put it in the freezer to cool quickly. He suggested I stick two beer glasses in the freezer, too, which I did. It was a fine temperature by dinner time, and a good match for the meal.

[Added, along with photos, 20150615]

Dessert was a couple of tangerines or mandarins, which are especially good in season.


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