Carrot soup; cheese – 22 January 2015

main150122lagniappe150122-JaffeeBowl - CopyD came home wanting to make soup, and I thought he meant a re-run of the carrot soup he made last Saturday; but he hadn’t thought about what kind of soup. He soon came around to the idea that making that soup would be fine, so he did. He had bought three bunches of carrots from Riverdog Farm at the Tuesday farmers’ market, for the purpose of making this soup, and a russet potato at the Bowl, likewise. setting150122The soup was good, but not nearly as carroty as the first rendition, and not as orange. D thinks he may have added too much water, but it’s also possible that the crispy, fresh farmers’ market carrots are not as densely flavored as the routine “store-botten” ones. Good soup, just nothing to write home about this time (as opposed to last time).


D decided we should have some cheese with the soup, but all he found in the fridge was a small hunk of herb-coated cheese from who knows when. He suggested I cut the herbs off the outside b/c some of them had looked moldy, but the cheese itself was perfectly delicious. Had more of the Acme Italian Batard that D bought… yesterday, was it?

I went by The Wine Mine on my way home in hopes of finding some wines we had gotten there and liked, but as usual, no dice – they’re gone. The La Citadelle Chatagnier we had a week ago Tuesday was gone, but this Le Devey Domaines Andre Aubert Crignan-les-Adhemar was recommended as a similar wine. Despite the fact that it was imported by Eric Staufennegger, we didn’t think the wine was terribly special. May try another, and open it a lot earlier.


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