Collard greens “Miniera” with Spanish chorizo; semolina with bay – 25 January 2015

There is no contemporary draft for this dinner (or lunch) but it’s really clear from (a larger version of) the photo what we had. [Writing this 20150618.]

main150125Collard greens, stemmed, then tightly rolled up and cut crosswise into a 1/4″ or so julienne, cooked quickly in bacon bits – except this time we seem to have used some of the Spanish chorizo sausage that we had used half of previously. The original recipe is one R found on epicurious. It’s outstanding!

setting150125The white fluffy thing is semolina with bay, a Patricia Wells recipe, which I know from reading drafts from subsequent days. This is a delicious dish the first day, and then can be made into patties for an excellent set of leftovers. Great food! Here’s what I wrote previously about this recipe: “The semolina recipe is basically to boil milk (1pt) with one bay leaf and 1tsp salt, carefully feather in 1/2 c. semolina, and stir till cooked – just a few minutes. At this point one is supposed to add 1/4c. parmesan and a tiny bit of nutmeg…” but I think I used the entire recipe on this occasion, whereas the quote is just half of it. Except you really need only one California bay leaf (2 Turkish) for a quart of milk.wine150125

I see this is where we tried the new Le Paradou (2012) Cotes du Luberon we found at Costco. We adored the previous version of this wine, many years ago, but this one does not have that “barnyard” taste that the other had. I see there was also a new Acme Pain au Levain, more obviously recognizable in the subsequent days’ photos.





I see we made nachos! We put tortilla chips from Costco, topped with grated Monterey Jack, under the broiler to melt the cheese, and top with a good frexh salsa and avocados, and usually add some jarred jalapeno rings, which have a flavor we really like. Looks like this was the time we each had a whole avocado, the new batch of six from Coscto having ripened all at once. Might as well be this time – what the heck 🙂





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