Semolina/bay patties; chard; Midnight Moon goat gouda – 26 January 2015

main150126This was a piecemeal meal, but it turned out to be a delicious one. We had a lot of extra semolina with bay from last night, and greens (3 for $5) from Happy Boy Farm at the Berkeley farmers’ market on Saturday. Decided to make patties out of the semolina (good reason to make a full recipe) and cook up one of the packets of greens, and then to add some cheese to the dinner. I thought the Midnight Moon cheese (Cypress Grove) from The Cheese Board would be good, and it was a great choice.

setting150126Before D got home, I cut the stems off all the chard branches (about 11 of them) and washed the leaves well, then cut crosswise and left them to dry on a towel. He cut up some garlic and cooked the chard, while I cooked the semolina patties. I just patted them into rounds and fried them in butter, in the cast iron frying pan. I also cooked up two to take to work. I heated the small oven so as to have a place to keep a pile of cooked patties warm, but D decided we should just cook up those we needed tonight (and for work) and leave the rest of the semolina, so I just put the dinner plates in the oven and turned it off. Ended up finishing the patties before the chard was done, and put them on the plates in the oven. wine150126D finished the chard, which was slightly “al dente” and quite good that way, and we had a great dinner. I had taken out the Midnight Moon cheese when I got home, so it was at room temperature. We planed it, which is the optimal way of eating it. Wow, is this great cheese – of course, at $24/lb, it better be.

D brought up a bottle of our well-loved 2009 Domaine La Milliere Vin de Pays de Vaucluse, from North Berkeley Wines, which we thoroughly enjoyed, as usual.

[The above drafted real time, photos and following words added 20150618]

I see dessert – just a cute little orange (actually would be a tangerine or mandarin b/c that’s what we buy).


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