Pan-fried salmon; patate arrosto; canned corn – 1 June 2015

Aaack! Can’t believe, with all the time I had to sit at my computer while visiting at Mom’s that I didn’t write up ANY DINNERS. But I cooked most of them, so I can reconstruct based on the photos. I’m starting here and working up to the 9th and the plane trip home, but then will go back and catch the end of May, too.

main150601So this one I remember b/c I wanted to cook salmon – acceptable to near-veggie brother B and “meat and potatoes” Mom – and it was suggested I look in the freezer to see if there might be salmon there. There were two packages, I think 2 and 3 years old. One seemed a bit freezer burned, but I cooked them both b/c might as well. I salted and then cooked on the flesh side in oil (probably olive, b/c it’s me) in a cast iron frying pan, then flipped onto the skin side and finished. This makes the skin end up stuck to the pan, which is great for serving, less so for dishwashing; but a good soak will take the skin off the pan. We were probably out of fresh veggies at this point, and rather than go to the store, I remember looking at the canned food shelves (using a flashlight) and finding canned corn. B expressed a preference for the ones called “Mexican” – little red pepper flecks in them I think – so heated up two cans (Mom never believes one is enough) and then had tons of leftovers. I ended up having a salmon sandwich for lunch the next day. Oh this was the night I made “arrosti” – I think actually Mom did the prep on these, cutting the russet potatoes (her favorite, and what the recipe wants) into 3/4″ or so chunks, and D emailed me the recipe. Basically, I heated olive oil in a baking pan with low sides, then tossed in the potato chunks and all the rosemary I had brought with me on spec, chopped fine. [Skipped garlic in deference to Mom.] wine150601I heated the oil by putting the baking sheet on the stove burners, and tossed the potatoes with oil and rosemary, then put into the oven at 350 for 40 minutes or so, skoodging them from time to time. These met with great approval, so I need to send a good recipe – for the two of them, they could just use the cast iron pan to cook these on stovetop and then in the oven.

I had found this wine – CalStar 2010 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir – standing upright (argh!) in the wine cabinet when I arrived, so I was worried about it and decided it would get used while I was here. It turned out to be fine, its usual wonderful self, so I was much relieved. B and I enjoyed it!

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