Quesadillas with avocado and salsa; corn – 2 June 2015

Still at Mom’s, but I’m cooking (for the local tastes…) [written 150625 based on photos]

main150602Woa, this was a big hit! I asked brother B if Mom might like quesadillas, given they are good food and so easy to make, and he thought it was worth a try – even suggested a salsa they had had and liked – Tostitos (Mild, chunky). condiment150602The salsa was quite tasty – I definitely would buy it if we could not get fresh. I’m sure we got La Tortilla Factory tortillas (7 1/2″ diameter) but for the life of me I can’t find them on their website – I thought these just said “Original” or something, but they’re not obvious. Anyway – flour tortillas, some Monterey Jack grated onto them, and the oven preheated to its lowest temperature (170) with plates inside. I heated the cast iron frying pan and moved one cheese-topped tortilla into it, topped with another tortilla, and cooked till slightly golden on the bottom (easy to peek) and the cheese was melted, then flipped over and cooked the other side. When it was done on the second side, I quickly moved it to the cutting board, cut into sixths and placed on a plate in the oven. Then I did the other two the same way. wine150602In pre-prep, I cut up the avocado and this I arranged, along with the salsa, over the ends of the quesadilla pieces. This met with enthusiasm, so perhaps they will add it to their repertoire. We also had some of last night’s leftover canned “Mexican” corn. I am reminded by the salsa picture that Mom’s ubiquitous “baby” (lathed) carrots were also served.

I chose a Domaine de Raissac Les Lys – Rose de Cabernet (2013) for this meal. I’m pretty sure we got this at the local (State) wine store, on recommendation of a staff member there who said it was popular. It was, as I recall, quite good, and a good wine for this meal.

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