Leftover salmon in a white sauce, served over noodles; cooked carrots – 3 June 2015

Visiting Mom’s; she and I cooked dinner.  [written 150625 based on photos]

main150603I suggested we use up more of the pan-fried salmon by making a white sauce and serving over rice. Mom said how about noodles, which I thought was a great choice, so we did that. I made the white sauce with I think about 1 Tbsp each flour and butter, and a cup of 1% milk. We were running close to the limit on milk, so I was being cautious, but it worked out that we had plenty of white sauce. I broke up most of the remaining salmon into the sauce. Once I served it, I added some capers to mine, but I didn’t find I tasted them. B tried one in his and also was not impressed. I should have added more, really.I cooked up a but more than half the 1lb package of noodles for the 3 of us, but should have kept to half the package. We would have had some leftovers in any case.

We had no fresh green veggies (which, for me, means we have no veggies) but we had a total overdose of carrots in the fridge, so I asked Mom if we could have her excellent cooked carrots. She peeled up the non-lathed (regular) carrots – most of a bag of them, I think – and cut into thin slices, then boiled a long time in quite salty water. wine150603After she drained them, she returned them to the pan and tossed in butter and kept them warm. They were delicious – just on the edge of being too salty, but not over it. Yum! Brother B has a favorite multi-grain baguette from I think Giant, and Mom likes to cook those by cutting into about 1 1/2″ lengths, buttering (or margarining) one end, and broiling with that end up. We had some of those with dinner, too. They are quite tasty. I chose a white wine to go with dinner – a Loire Valley sauvignon blanc called Chateau Gaillard, which claims the appellation Touraine. I may have chosen this one at the wine store, but I think instead that D&R bought it and left it in February when they were visiting.


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