Omelette with salsa and Monterey Jack; green beans – 4 June 2015

Cooking for Mom and brother B at Mom’s, to give them a cooking break.

[Written 150625 based on photos and the memories they bring up…]

main150604Mom loved the salsa a couple nights ago, so I suggested trying this omelette, as something else she might enjoy. Bingo! I am delighted she really likes the Tostitos salsa, which is easy to find and to keep in the fridge for awhile. Basically, the omelette is the quesadilla written on a canvas of egg instead of tortilla 🙂

setting150604I cooked one egg per person, and mixed and cooked the omelettes separately. I blobbed in what must have been ab out 2 Tbsp milk, but could have been 1 Tbsp, also shook the rather retentive salt shaker quite a few times to salt the egg, and ground in a bit of pepper, too. For each omelette, I put butter in the frying pan (a medium Revere IIRC – anyway, that would work) and when it foamed up and started to settle down, I tossed in the well-whipped (with a fork) egg mixture. The bottom cooks immediately and thus does not stick. I used the fork to skoodge the sides of the cooked egg in a bit around the edges so liquid egg could flow to the bottom and cook. I probably removed from the burner (it’s an electric stove) and/or turned down the heat somewhere in here. When the egg had almost solidified, and the heat was pretty low, I placed grated Monterey Jack over one half the omelette (the left half – I’m a rightie), covered the pan, and let the cheese melt, then topped with a bunch of salsa, folded the empty half-omelette over the cheese and salsa, covered to let it heat a bit (less than a minute, I’m sure). Then I either served (last one) or put onto a plate in the oven. Looks like we didn’t have avocado on this this evening, but we reran this quickly and added avocado over the top for those who wanted it. Like ME! 🙂

wine150604Oops… I nearly forgot the green beans: clean, trim stem ends  and cut up, steam 5 minutes and remove from pan, drain pan, add butter and toss the beans, salting a bit, too. Also I see a Thomas’s English muffin, which served as a good bread for the dinner.

Ah, the Cahors… this is a wine we get both at the State store here and at home. It’s tasty and a good value. I haven’t figured out if it’s “Gouleyart” or “Gouleyant” but either way, a good red wine, which goes with a lot of our sorts of meals, which don’t tend to be steak, and thus reject California cabernets.


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