Spaghetti with ancient turkey, onions, broccoli, sage, and thyme – 11 June 2015

main150611setting150611We thought about using the frozen leftover grilled chicken for a salad or pasta, but when I looked, I could not find the chicken. The blog suggests it was eaten in a sandwich and subsequent pasta back in May. D asked if there were anything else in the freezer that could make a quick dinner, so we continued looking, and found a few interesting things. wine150611Among these was a small vat of leftover turkey from…. 2012. I opened it, and D thought it looked icky – dryish, with lots of ice on it – but we agreed it smelled fine – like turkey, who’da thunk it? – so we let it defrost. D tasted it and decided it was fine for a pasta. He cooked onions and the turkey till the turkey was pretty crisped around the edges, included sage and thyme, and small bits of broccoli. He served this all over spaghetti. It was quite tasty and we enjoyed it. I got one kinda sharp tasting bit of turkey, but mostly it was yummy.

D chose a wine from a recent Wine Mine tasting, Laya (garnacha/monastrell), $7 and a real deal at that price. We also had a bit of the Acme Italian Batard.


Another salad from the lettuce pillow (one more remains) – celery, broccoli, peanuts, romano beans, and small bits of onion. D used stone ground Berkeley Bowl mustard in the vinaigrette. Perfectly delicious lunch. More Acme Italian.


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