Spaghetti with pesto and toasted pine nuts; broccoli – 12 June 2015

main150612We succeeded in removing and eating one long-term resident of the freezer for lunch, and got ambitious and tested out two others. We have pest0 in the freezer from Sept or Aug 2013, but we also found one vat from 2011! D said let’s defrost a cube from each year and see how they are – so I did that, and remarkably, they were both fine. So we are going to go on a pesto-using binge, off and on.

wine150612D cooked up some spaghetti for the pesto, and also decided to toast up some extra pine nuts (there are pine nuts in the pesto, of course) and I cooked the broccoli that was in the fridge. I steamed it 4 minutes, then drained the pan, added perhaps a Tbsp of butter and let it melt, returned the broccoli, salted it, and tossed with the butter, then left it, covered, on low for a few minutes till time to serve. We had a bit more of the Acme Italian Batard from whenever (before I got home Tuesday night) and of course – Friday Wine! Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, 2011. Love this wine 🙂

[This ends the meatless portion of our program – the potstickers we had for lunch had meat in them.]



lunchmain150612Defrosted some potstickers that I bought ages ago at the popup market, now defunct, in Oakland near CHO. These were supposed to come with a sauce, but someone forgot to include it, so when we originally ate them, they were good but not fabulous. These had meat (maybe just skoodgled hamburger) green olives, something like raisins or currants, and something red, inside them. They really are quite good. D dug out some “original Pad Thai sauce” from Trader Joe’s, which was left to us by departing neighbors long ago (they have had two kids since). I heated up the defrosted potstickers in the toaster oven at 3oo for maybe 5 or so minutes, and they heated through, and were fine. We dipped them in the sauce; D thought it was not exactly what they wanted, but what the heck – good enough. He made a lovely salad again, this time with the last of the lettuce pillow, some thinly sliced Romano beans, celery, and a vinaigrette with tarragon vinegar.

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