Dinner from Anchalee – 16 June 2015

main150616Bird day. OMG. Two hummies left the nest and crazy ensued. Nuff said. We watched and worried till too late to make the dinner we had planned, so D kept the feral cats away from baby birds while I went to Anchalee to pick up a good dinner – plus leftovers for at least a couple of lunches. Menu listings copy/pasted below for the dishes I chose (in addition to their “brown” rice – center, in the photo below – which is actually a marvelous mixture of dark and lighter rices with excellent flavor and bite)

lagniappe150616(right) Curry Puff 8.5 Pastry puff filled w chicken,potato,onion,carrot and yellow curry powder . Served with cucumber salad.
(left) Corn Salad 8.5 Corn, grounded chicken tossed with roasted coconut meat,onion, mint and lime dressing.Served over a bed of iceberg lettuce.
(green and red) Himapan 10 Choice of chicken ,beef or pork wok-fried with cashew nuts , onion, bell pepper,roasted chili,green onion and mild chili garlic sauce.
(brown round) Panang 9.5 Dice of beef simmered in panang curry sauce with kiffir lime leaves and Thai basil.


The curry puff and corn salad are my favorite – corn salad is D’s (from this list, anyway – we also love the mango salad).

When I got home with the food, D had opened a bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling, a wine we buy specifically to go with Asian food, and he had a tray with plates and forks and was headed to the deck. We had dinner up there, wrapped up against the rather chilly air. It was very good, as always. We do need to branch out a bit, but usually when we order out, it’s b/c it’s a high-stress day and so I am not in the mood to be experimental – just give me something I know I like!

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