Spinach pita triangles; garlic/sesame broccoli – 15 June 2015

main150615We had a number of options for dinner. I had planned to cook up the 4 frozen pita doughs I had, two for spinach triangles, the other two to have with hummus I bought at The Cheese Board on Saturday. setting150615I wondered to D if the Retsina he bought on spec at The Wine Mine that day would go with the spinach triangles, which are Israeli and have lemon and sumac in them. We tossed around alternatives, and he suggested having the NYT broccoli recipe with the Retsina. After multiple combinations were mentioned, we settled on having the broccoli and the spinach triangles, and moving the pitas and hummus to another day. Like, tomorrow, most likely. Anyway, pita triangles and sesame cured garlicky broccoli it was. And, impressively, both dishes really went well with the Retsina!

wine150615-RetsinaHere is where I described the spinach triangles in detail. This time, I gently packed 2 cups of spinach and chopped them up, yielding 1 1/2 cups, rather than 1 cup, for two triangles. I think this is preferable. I also upped the lemon juice from 1 tsp to about 1 1/2 tsp per triangle b/c of the extra spinach. Otherwise, I didn’t change the recipe. I made half a recipe of the broccoli, assuming that leftovers would be most welcome.

Here is the Retsina Malamatina – a 500ml bottle for $5.50. Fascinating how the food lopped off all the untoward edges of this wine and left it tasting perfectly wonderful. Cool!

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