Leftover Himapan Chicken; leftover sesame/garlic broccoli – 18 June 2015

main150618setting150618Knowing we were going to go to a neighborhood meeting regarding the proposed construction of 4 townhouses down the block, D&I decided just to plan on having the last of the Anchalee leftovers for dinner. We didn’t know we’d be fed small slices of Paisan pizza at the meeting. But D still wanted a real dinner when we got home, so I doled out the last of the “brown” rice and the Himapan – more for him – and the sesame/garlic broccoli. wine150618I microwaved the Himapan in the serving bowls, without even covering them – three 1-minute bursts did it just fine. D wanted to have the Kentia Albarino ($12 from Wine Mine) – interestingly, both wines in the fridge were Albarinos – and it went great with the Himapan, but was quite changed by accompanying the broccoli, and I’m not convinced it was for the better.  We each had a fig after dinner, too. Have to eat up these beautiful figs soon!

The wine label had sparkly letters!




Of perhaps greater interest was lunch. E wanted to know if we’d tried her gift of pickled red onions yet, and said they’d be really good in a spinach salad. Lo and behold, we had a pile of baby spinach left from the spinach triangles a few days ago, since D had suggested I buy extra for a veggie. So I washed up a lot of spinach, picking out the bits that had gone bad and stemming those with long or heavy stems; and then D constructed the salads. He gave each of us a hard boiled egg, the last two of the four I had boiled last week, and carefully spread bits of pickled onion around the salad. Then he made a dressing with white wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and the Tbsp or two of hummus we had left over last night. It was really a terrific salad! 
We also had some of the Carr’s “Thin Savoury Crackers” with Poppy and Sesame, and a hunk of Black Diamond cheddar, finishing that off. Great lunch!



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