Pizza with figs, gorgonzola, and arugula – 19 June 2015

main150619I tried a pizza tonight based on one we’d loved at Pizza Moda. This was not as sumptuous, but one must recognize that restaurants make sumptuous dishes in part b/c they don’t have to worry about your health 😉 So probably the PM one had more cheese, possibly some butter, more salt…

Here’s what I did, what I would change, etc.

setting150619Used 1/3 recipe of pizza dough, 4 ripe dark figs, 1.5 oz gorgonzola dolce, 4+ oz mozzarella, most of a 1/2 lb sweet red onion, 2 cups, loosely packed, of baby wild arugula, and something less than 2 pieces of thinly sliced prosciutto di Parma (which I almost forgot, since I had returned them to the fridge). I would use more gorgonzola – even twice as much – and D would like to see me try putting on the arugula a minute before the pizza was done and wilting it in the oven. D also thought more onions would be good. I sotpped short of adding them all, but perhaps should not have.

I cut the figs into about 8 chunks each, grated the mozz, squeezed the gorgonzola into small marbles, cut the onion thin and cooked it forever in the large cast iron frying pan on medium and later med-low (deglazed with water long before finally using he onion), washed the arugula and took off long stems. wine150619I added a bit more than half the mozz to the pre-cooked (1.5 mins) crust, then the onions, fig chunks, more mozz, dots of gorgonzola. I should have put the prosciutto under the cheeses but had forgotten it, and added only after removing the pizza from the oven after a minute or so of its 5-6 minute bake.

We had the DuQuesa Rueda Verdejo with this, after I looked up that wine that Pizza Moda used to have  (Hermanos Lurton, a Verdejo) and it turned out to be a great choice. We get this at the Bowl for a really decent price. It’s imported by Grape Expectations – no surprise it’s good.



Had another salad, using up the rest of the baby spinach (with some added romaine), and also the avocado I bought on spec at the Bowl. D added Nicoise olives, and then added a bit more olive oil to the hummusy dressing from yesterday and topped the salad with that. We had some Gruyere from Cheese Board, and the last of the Carr’s Poppy and Sesame crackers. It’s nice having crackers around – good for fill-in meals when bread is not to be bought – so I bought a couple more boxes in the afternoon.



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