Eggplant sandwiches where the eggplant is the “bread; mixed wild rice – 22 June 2015

main150622setting150622This is a dinner I’ve made many times before. Here is one good description of the recipe. Basically, it’s grilled eggplant slices, and between them red pepper puree, basil leaves, prosciutto, and fresh mozzarella. I used a very fat eggplant this time so only one large “sandsich” per person; I still have red pepper puree frozen in the ice cube tray and moved to a container, and I defrosted two cubes for this, one per sandwich (about 2Tbsp each for these big sandwiches); I used one slice of prosciutto per sandwich b/c that was what I had – could use one per small sandwich – whatever; I used the fairly brineless, shrinkwrapped Bellefiore fresh mozzarella, a few slices per sandwich; tore the basil from our backyard plants. Great dish! I used up the last of the Lundberg “Wild Blend” rice, grown in California. I have to admit I have misgivings about growing rice in California – water, much? – but they call it sustainable. wine150622Hm. If they’re not using groundwater, how are they doing it? OTOH I have to say this is a perfectly delicious blend of rice. I cooked up the last 1/2 cup in the bag, and we just ate it all up. I put a little butter on it, but not a lot. It’s an excellent accompaniment to the eggplant sandwiches.

D chose an old favorite, Protocolo, to go with this meal. I thought it went better than he thought it did, but in any case, it is a wonderful-tasting wine, and a great value. We get this at the Bowl, and have gotten it off and on for years now. Should have more of it – it’s really good!


D&R have traded for Mango Lassis at the request of the lassi maker, and so we had to figure out a great meal to have with our lassi. I suggested Vik’s takeout, and so D&R stopped there on their way home for lunch. D bought us:lunchmain150622-ViksTakout

lunchwine150622-actuallymangolassiDahi Papdi Chaat
mid afternoon finds north indians detouring to their favorite pushcart for this cooling snack of flat papdis, potatoes and garbanzo beans smothered with yogurt and chutneys.
Samosa Cholle
i looked forward to my parents having guests over because it meant samosas would be served. our samosas are served with a side of cholle and chutneys.

The yogurt in the photo was spooned over the little thing with crackers around the edge – that’s the Dahi Papdi Chaat. The somosa with curried garbanzos is below with the lassi.

I ate mine all up, despite not being very hungry, since I had met a student for a letter treat150622interview at Sweet Adeline. From the reviews, I found their chocolate cream pie, which looks from the cut sides like it’s all whipped cream, but underneath there is gooey chocolate in just the right balance. I made the photo as small as possible, so it wouldn’t look as big as it actually was 😉 Yummy!

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