Pizza with tomatoes, basil, and asiago; baby bok choi – 23 June 2015

main150623I originally made this pizza based only on a photo of the pizza of the day sign at The Cheese Board shown in their recipe book. Here is where I explained it pretty well. Tonight I used 3.5 oz grated mozzarella (part-skim, Precious) mixed with 2 oz Grana Padano; two oz grated asiago, from The Cheese Board long ago; one very large tomato from the Grand Lake Market on Saturday sliced perhaps 1/4″ thick, maybe less; quite a few basil leaves from the garden, torn such that mostly there were no stems in the pizza; 1 1/2 Tbsp olive oil mixed with one fat clove of garlic, minced (didn’t use all of it – try 1 Tbsp and a moderate clove); and a small chord of onion, sliced extremely thin. After precooking the crust (1/3 recipe, 1/4 to 1/3 whole wheat this time) 1 1/2 minutes, I brushed generously with the garlic and oil (and still didn’t use it all), topped with perhaps 3/4 of the mozz/grana mix, then onions, tomato slices, salted and peppered after adding, then basil, and the rest of the mozz/grana. I cooked this another 4 minutes or so, removed and added the asiago, cooked another minute or slightly more, and it was done. All this at 500 degrees.

setting150623I also cut up and cooked in olive oil and butter (actually, D ended up cooking them when I forgot and he noticed the butter was hot) with salt two heads of baby bok choi. One of them was clearly organic, b/c a critter had been depositing stuff inside it. I used less of that one 😉 But it was delicious, after a good washing and cooking.

We had the leftover Monte Velho and Protocolo, and both were still quite good.

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