Cold cannellini beans and piperade, after having lunch at Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen – 24 June 2015

main150624D and I went to the Napa valley today, where he had an art consultation at 11. He dropped me at V. Sattui, where I enjoyed tasting wines. setting150624I hoped to run over to Dean and DeLuca across route 29, but there were signs saying No Pedestrian Traffic Across The Road, and I decided they probably had some insight there… But shortly D texted me that he was done with his work, so I went and bought the two wines I wanted and then he picked me up at Sattui and we went into St. Helena for lunch. More on that below.


When we got home, neither of us was particularly hungry, so we had a small dinner, merely taking two things out of the fridge and serving them cold. But they were so good!! We used up the last of the piperade, which, it should be noted, is terrific cold, and also had some of the cannellini beans that I made yesterday for the “speck” salad. D wondered about adding some cheese, but it was really unnecessary. I had gone a few blocks to buy a Country Batard from Morell’s, and that was dinner. We totally enjoyed it. Oh also – wow, the Costco (Kirkland) Rioja (2009) that we got for $6.49 was really good. D aerated it a bit after we first tasted it, and that made a difference, so we will get more and open an hour or more before dinner. Amazing value!

This ends the “meatless” portion of our program; the lunch appetizer had prosciutto in it.


lunchmain150624 lunchsetting150624OK, lunch was the big deal today. We went, at the suggestion of D’s client, to Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen. D suggested an appetizer and main dish for us to split, and I said sure, what the heck. The food was excellently prepared, and the appetizer was superb, but I didn’t find the flavors of the main dish to be my favorites. lunchappetizer150624

The appetizer, which is not the same as the fig dish shown in the menu online, was black mission figs, which were cold, wrapped in what seemed to me to be cooked prosciutto.  They were interspersed with toasts and arugula, and sitting on a bed of aioli that had capers in it. Interestingly different from the sweet-leaning figs I made the other night that had sweet gorgonzola as a stuffing, instead of this garlic/caper flavor. We thought these were excellent.

lunchmain150624-2Our main dish was a wild mushroom pot pie, as copied and pasted here:

Wild Mushroom Pot Pie, caved-aged gruyere, creamy corn, tender leeks, fava beans, sweet peas, herb salad 21.95

lunchwine150624-CuvaisonChardandsomeoneroseThe only crust was the nifty circle on top (see 3 pix up). There were an incredible variety of mushroom types in the mix, along with corn and the stray fava. The dish was well prepared, and we enjoyed it, but it was not, overall, my favorite of flavors.

D had a glass of rose, – unfortunately, their online menu and wine list are not the same as in the restaurant so we can’t say what this was – and I had a Cuvaison Chardonnay. We ate outdoors on the patio, in heat pushing into the 90s, but sitting in the dappled shade of a pleasant tree. It was perfectly lovely. For the record, our server was also delightful.


lagniappe150624-2-glassatCindysI am impressed at how much the heavy, colorful glasses enhanced the experience of lunch in the dappled light. Did not nearly capture the light in my photos, but here’s a taste.












We were really impressed with the bread, which the waitperson said is made only for Mustard’s and Cindy’s, which are apparently sister restaurants. Part-whole wheat sourdough.



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