Spaghetti with cannellini beans, arugula, and bread crumbs; salad with farmers’ market tomato – 25 June 2015

main150625D said he would cook this nifty pasta but he and R discovered a problem with designing electrical conduit, and by the time they came up with a solution it was 8:30! Meanwhile, I prepped the arugula for the pasta, and the lettuce and basil for the salad, so when D finally came in, the time till dinner was determined simply by how long it takes to boil water and cook pasta.

I can't decide which picture I like better.

I can’t decide which picture I like better.

D served out the cooked spaghetti and topped with cannellini beans we cooked a couple days ago, undrained, and also a handful of baby wild arugula and some breadcrumbs he made from dried out bread that we had not been able to finish. He also ground some pepper over the top. It’s a good pasta, but I think a bit more oil would have improved it this time. I think he may have put some on the spaghetti before adding other stuff.

salad150625setting150625I took the washed and spun, torn romaine, and added torn basil leaves to it, and distributed to our plates. I cut up the tomato left over from our sandwiches at lunch, and added some scallion bits (with the occasional stray green pepper chunk) that were extras a few days ago, and have been in the fridge in a snapseal container ever since. D decided to add some of the pickled nasturtium seeds that E gave us a couple of weeks ago, and also strewed some of the breadcrumbs over the top. wine150625He made a dressing, starting with some of the garlic oil (including quite a bit of garlic) that I left, not wanting to overload the pizza Tuesday night. All in all, it was a really good dinner!

D brought up a Beringer 2011 Malbec, apparently produced in Mendoza, Argentina. It says on the back that we got it at Grocery Outlet in April 2014, so clearly there is none left. I liked the wine, but there was a taste I can’t really describe… warmish, pointed… also familiar… that made me think it was not typically Beringer. It cost only about $5 so really quite a good value at that price, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy more of it.


lunchmain150625I had noticed that the other tomato from the Grand Lake Market on Saturday had a bad spot – around a defect that was obvious, but not obviously progressing, when I bought it. Anyway, it was clear we had to use the tomato or lose it, so D proposed sandwiches with the tomato, basil (of which we have an overload) and gruyere. I proposed substituting the shrink-wrapped fresh mozzarella that I buy for the eggplant sandwiches – cheaper than buffalo mozz and absolutely fine for that dish – and we went with that. The sandwiches turned out to be delicious – we were both most enthusiastic. The bread was Morell’s Country Batard, which is 50% whole wheat.


At the Thursday farmers’ market in Berkeley, I bought some strawberries, and had three of them as an afternoon treat. Super sweet – they were incredibly wonderful!

Then much later I went out on the back step to where D&R were working on the conduit, and lo and behold, a plate of freshly made cookies, with currants and cranberries. Absolutely scrumptious cookies! We each had a cookie as a treat, which I initiated, declaring that I was “ruining my dinner” and didn’t care 😉treat150625-2We had some strawberries and a cookie each for dessert after dinner, too.

eta: W00t! Rainbow over the editor! Happy day!

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