Millet and bean salad with tomatoes and basil; zucchini and yellow squash – 27 June 2015

main150627D and a discussed the need to use the rest of the millet from the ratatoille dinner, and also to use basil, so obviously I googled “millet basil.” I got a recipe that we could mimic, though in fact we changed almost everything 🙂 The recipe used canned blackeyed peas, and we had cooked cannelini – and a smaller amount (something like 3/4 cup, once I drained them – along with their garlic cloves – in a strainer). The original recipe used a bit more millet. We had basil to use, so I disregarded the amount and ended up with probably double the basil called for. The recipe called for cherry tomatoes, and we had one regular tomato from the farmers’ market that seemed ready (the one on the left). ingredients150627I did use about the right amount of scallions (three), and D made up the balsamic vinaigrette to something near the right amount (close to 1/3 cup I think – maybe less). What the heck – it worked. I salted the mixed salad quite a bit, turning the millet over to salt the underside in a few places before mixing even more extensively, but after all that, it was a very tasty and enjoyable salad. The original recipe is on a site owned by someone who calls Obamacare “fascist” and is avidly anti-union, so I won’t link it. The general idea is enough – clearly!

setting150627I also cooked up half each of the very beautiful yellow summer squash and zucchino that I bought at the farmers’ market last Thursday. I added a pile of dried dill weed, and a bit of salt, and cooked in olive oil. Yummy veggie.




I thought a white wine would be good with this, so D asked what was in the fridge (he was working on the construction project) and I reported a Nobilo (Marlborough SB) and this rose, Le Cirque (2014) which we had bought at The Wine Mine at our most recent tasting (the “mineraly” one). This says “Cotes Catalanes” and is 40% “grenache noir”, 40% syrah, and 20% mourvedre. We really enjoyed it with the meal. Had a small bit of the Morell’s Country Batard, which we will no doubt finish tomorrow at lunch. I have a calzone planned for dinner, so that works great.

This wine is really pretty!wine150627-2


We planned this last night – we used up the rest of the ratatoille as omelette sauce.

lunchmain150627B/c I was off to a cooking demo at The Gardener, I had lunch early, and D cooked his own a bit later. I used one egg, a splash of milk, four shakes from our salt shaker, and a few grinds of pepper, and beat the egg till homogeneous. I cooked at first on med-hi in hot butter, skoodging the sides so the liquid egg would run down and cook. Then turned down the heat, grated Monterey Jack onto one side of the omelette and covered with my plate, to let the cheese melt. Finally, I added the ratatoille, which I had heated in a pan, and folded the other half of the omelette over it. It turned out perfectly – free of any overcooked edges, even. And super delicious! I had two slices of Morell’s Contry Batard toast with it. What a super lunch! Oh, also, a glass of the leftover Beringer Malbec – ok, not terrific.

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