Speck; green beans – 10 August 2015

main150810Wow, we’re both tired out tonight! D worked hard on the new studio all day, and I struggled on the phone with multiple error-prone organizations – more burnt out than physically tired, to be sure. Fortunately had planned a pretty easy dinner, so no thinking and not much work. “Speck” is actually smoked prosciutto, but the name is used to refer to the entire salad at L’Osteria del Forno, from which this dinner is copied. The recipe I used is here, though this time I used more of everything, it being sort of a main dish. I got speck called something like “Recla” at the Bowl on Sunday, from the deli sectionsetting150810. It’s really good tasting! I laid out torn bits of speck, and topped with some of the previously cooked cannellini, drained just with the spoon I scooped them with, and some wild baby arugula, washed and spun and left out to dry. Finally, I used a carrot peeler to slice curls of parmaggiano reggiano from the Costco hunk. I drizzled perhaps 2 tsp of Costco organic EV olive oil over the top, salted and peppered, and served.

I also steamed up some Blue Lake green beans from the Bowl. Just washed, trimmed, and cut into bite-sized pieces, and left in the steamer till ready. When the bit of water was boiling,wine150810 I put the steamer into the saucepan and covered, turned to medium (no need to keep at high) and let steam 5 minutes, then removed the steamer and drained the pan (upside down) put a Tbsp of butter into the pan, returned the beans, salted and tossed a bit with the butter, and served in the cute little dishes from The Spanish Table.

D chose a Chianti Rufina from Villa Travignoli that he got at Grocery Outlet, and it was really quite good. I’d certainly endorse buying more of this. And it’s only $4!! We also had more of the Acme levain from yeaterday. I’ll have to have toast tomorrow for breakfast – fried egg and toast – sounds great!


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