Gazpacho; chevre – 11 August 2015

main150811D & R are building every day, and though it’s not especially hot, they are feeling the sun and it seemed to D like the time for gazpacho, especially since the Dirty Girl Produce dry-farmed early girls are now out. ingredients150811I went to the Adeline farmers’ market today, and bought all the fresh veggies for the soup: scallions about 18″ long(!) from Blue Heron (along with a needed head of lettuce), a nifty cream/purple streaky pepper and a cream-colored pepper instead of a green one (of which, none) from Riverdog, a long English cucumber from people whose name I don’t know, and piles and piles of tomatoes from Dirty Girl. I also bought pluots and peaches from Woodleaf, and some Arctic Queen nectarines from Kashiwase. And spent over $40! OK, some was for R&E, to be sure.

prep15-811The soup! This is a recipe from The Victory Garden Cookbook, which we call The Joy of Vegetables. It’s an outstanding recipe (and an outstandingly useful book!) 1-2 normal cloves of garlic, which in this case was 3 slightly smallish ones, chopped and pounded into a paste with 1 tsp salt; add 1/4 cup red wine vinegar and 1/3 cup olive oil – make a dressing. Chop “4 large” tomatoes – this was something like 8 early girls – most of the cucumber (quartered lengthwise and then sliced into about 1/8″ or thinner slices), 5 humongously long scallions (recipe: 10-12 scallions), and peppers – rcp says one large, but non ce, so I bought a purple/cream colored one and a thin cream colored one from Riverdog and hoped they would work. The purpley one in the picture above was close enough to a green pepper in taste, and the cream one was … setting150811I don’t know, not great tasting, just crunchy and there. So I cut them into maybe 3/8″ chunks. Mix the dressing well and stir into the veggies, and then add 3 cups tomato juice – this was Campbell’s, which is really excellent in this recipe. There is supposed to be 1 – 1 1/2 cups water or broth (I use water) added, but I forgot, not to the detriment of the soup. This is a GREAT SOUP! Chill the soup and chill the bowls before serving.

wine150811We ate up the last of the Chevre de Pistou from Costco – amazingly delicious cheese – with some more of the Acme Pain au Levain, saving two slices for tomorrow’s lunch.

We had another of the tester wines from Grocery Outlet – a $5.99 2012 Cotes du Rhone called Abbeycourt. We enjoyed it, and it went with both the cheese and the soup pretty well, but we didn’t think it was exciting enough to go back for more of it.

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