BLTs; carrot; magically appearing cake – 8 November 2015

main151108We had sandwiches for both lunch and dinner today. We have been sorting out the food we have that wants eating (filet beans, tomatoes, cream, basil before the cold weather hits, etc.) and have five dinners on the list. setting151108Since D thought that Morell’s multi-grain bread would be good for BLTs, he suggested we have that tonight. So I defrosted a half-package (cut down the middle) of Niman Ranch apple-smoked, uncured bacon (from Costco), assuming I’d cook it all and we could use leftovers in a salad or something. D cut up one of the early girl tomatoes from the farmers’ market yesterday, and washed up a couple large romaine leaves. I scrubbed some carrots (from Blue Heron at the Saturday market), and cooked the bacon slowly, in some previous bacon fat wine151108I’d kept in the fridge for such a purpose. Bacon cooks better when the fat is already melted, so why not use the previous stuff to get things started well. I cut some pretty thin slices of the multi-grain bread, slathered them with mayonnaise, and assembled the sandwiches, salting and peppering the tomatoes before closing. The sandwiches were really good, and the bread did indeed work well for them. The carrots were not superior, but were definitely good. The spring ones just are unequaled through the rest of the year.

D chose an Ol’ Red, possibly the next-to-last in the cellar. Good wine for an absurdly low price at Grocery Outlet.


lunchmain151108lunchwine151108For lunch, which is when we thought of doing this dinner, we had cheese sandwiches, also on the multi-grain bread. D chose the Red Witch cheese I bought yesterday at the Bowl, recommended to us some time ago by J, who works in the cheese counter. We also had tomatoes and lettuce on this sandwich, and it was really good. D boiled up some filet beans from the Bowl, and topped them with a tiny bit of butter. Great lunch! We had half a bottle of Honoro Vera Rueda white from The Wine Mine for $7.50. D wanted to try it and we bought it untasted. It was good, and we both enjoyed it. I thought we had had the wine before b/c I thought I recognized the label, but bloggling “Honoro Vera” got me only their red (twice) in previous posts. So this was likely new, but of course, there are also a lot of dinners I haven’t ever written up. Pretty label.


Like this one. The above was written on the day, but before a cake showed up for dessert, in the hands of R and E. Amazingly pretty and involved-looking cake. dessert151108

At this point (writing now on the 31st of Dec!) I don’t remember what the occasion was, but who objects to a pretty cake!?! So here are some more photos of it:
dessert151108-2dessert151108-3Pretty gorgeeeous.


There was home-made ice cream, too. I’ll have to have R remind me what this was all about. Wait… prolly R’s b’day cake, which of course he made himself.

Here’s my dessert:


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