Pizza Margherita – 9 November 2015

main151109Time to use up the basil before the cold nights kill it 😦 I suggested I make a pizza Margherita, and D thought that would be fine. I defrosted a small vat saying 2/3 cup Margherita sauce, and cooked it down, but only the slightest bit. It was thinner than usual – not watery but not pasty either – and I like it this way. At D’s suggestion I bought a mozzarella di bufala at the Bowl – the brand seems to be “Tre Stelle” – instead of the Gustosella at the Cheese Board (which would have required an extra trip). The taste was very good, but I thought the texture was slightly on the heavy/gummy side. setting151109Slightly. Mostly, it turned out very well. I cut 1 1/2 balls in half, then crosswise into thick slices, and left to drain. I picked a multitude of leaves off the basil plant, washed them and left them to dry. I made a new crust, with 1/2 cup “white whole wheat” flour by King Arthur, and the rest (about 1 1/2 cups) Central Milling Company unbleached white, and used 1/3 of this, freezing two other pizzas-worth of dough balls. Cooked the dough 1 1/2 minutes, then topped with Margherita sauce and cheese slices, cooked 5 more minutes, spread on the basil leaves. Done. With sauce in the freezer, this pizza is too easy for words!

wine151109D brought up a wine from The Wine Mine, a 2013 Monto Velho “Herdade do Esperao” (Since 1267), which lists these grapes: Aragonez 40%, Trincadeira 35%, Touriga Nacional 20%, Syrah 5%. We enjoyed the wine, which D described remarkably – but I can’t remember all the great words. On the back when we bought it, I wrote: “We thought this was the better of the two. More stark Tempranillo. 150327” Aragonez is the Portuguese name for Tempranillo.


Also had more of the orange-coated R-cake for dessert:


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