Chili Relleno, black beans and tortillas at Los Cilantros – 12 November 2015

main151112setting151112I went to a talk on “quote mining” at La Pena, and got my dinner at the adjacent/next door restaurant Los Cilantros. I had a chili relleno, which was topped with a squidge of sour cream and swimming in tomato sauce along with some good black beans. Three tiny corn tortillas were wrapped and warm on the side. I like the taste of the chili relleno and all the trimmings, together and separately, and wrapped in a tortilla – every which way – but I thought the cheese inside the chili was a bit dense, and the chili itself could have been roasted longer. Overall, though, quite good.

wine151112I bought one glass of 2011 California chardonnay by Evening Land (Arroyo Grande), which looked like a pretty generous serving of 6 oz to me, and also a dulce de leche cookie, which was a super way to end the meal. I spent almost $30 including a 20% tip. The lecture was free and interesting.








For lunch we had another avocado with the rest of the cottage cheese and more of the ketchup-based dressing from D’s Mom’s friend VJ. Delicious lunch!lunchmain151112


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