Avgolemmono; Brussels sprouts – 5 December 2015

main151205setting151205We thought of a few dinners that want making and when to make them. When D didn’t have to spend the day (and therefore evening) at the Holiday Bazaar, we decided this was the night for him to make avgolemmono. The soup calls for chicken stock, but our point in having it at this time (I read off a bunch of soup possibilities from my Soups google doc) was that we could use up the turkey stock.

Which D proceeded to do. I think for this soup you just cook rice and mushrooms in the stock, and later add egg yolks (mixed with a bit of the soup, wine151205I expect) and parmaggiano, and then put parmaggiano, grated nutmeg, and fresh parsley over the top. It’s delicious and not particularly hard. D also boiled up some of the Brussels sprouts I bought on spec the other day at the Bowl – must have been Thursday – and served them with butter and salt and pepper. I love Brussels sprouts!

I was thinking a white wine would be necessary with this, but Patricia Wells (Patricia Wells At Home in Provence) said a gamay would work, as well as a chardonnay. D brought up the Jura that we got at The Wine Mine a few months (?) ago – it’s so transparent – very beautiful – and tastes just as light and delicious. It was perfect for the meal.

For a veggie, but in the role of dessert, we had leftover “Bourbon Yams” that R&E had cooked with D during my absence for a second TG on the actual day. These are cooked and mashed yams or sweet potatoes mixed with cream and bourbon, and topped with a brown sugar mixture. They did what I always do, which is cut the sugar massively, till most of the sweetness comes from the sweet potatoes. The original recipe is from California Fresh, an excellent, though a bit dated, cookbook from the Junior League of Oakland and the East Bay, published, apparently (says Amazon) in 1985. We had them cold, right out of the fridge, and they tasted great! Quite a treat.


For lunch, D suggested I meet him at The Cheese Board for pizza, after his stint at his arts coop ended at 1, so we each biked up there, a couple hours apart, and then walked the few blocks to The Cheese Board and had this pizza.

lunchmain151205Artichoke heart, kalamata olive, baby spinach, mozzarella and herbed ricotta cheeses, garlic olive oil, parsley

It really wasn’t as interesting as it sounded, and I’m not sure why that would be, to tell the truth. We might should have put some of their excellent cilantro/chili cream sauce on it. I had a glass of red wine with the pizza (D had a beer), but I didn’t see its name b/c D went in to buy the pizza while I sat outside.

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