Open-faced sandwich with prosciutto and cheese: broccoli – 15 December 2015

main151215We didn’t have a lot of time to cook, and decided just to use up the Grocery Outlet prosciutto we’ve been using for awhile now. I cooked the remaining pieces of prosciutto in a bit of olive oil and placed them on bread, topped with I think the rest of the Vacherin fribourgeois, and setting151215broiled till the cheese melted. It was a really yummy sandwich. I think we used three slices of Acme Italian from the freezer? Oh dear (written in the air 23 Dec).

D cut the florets off four moderate stalks of broccoli and boiled them, and served with butter. Overcooked a bit this time, but even overcooked broccoli tastes good.

wine151215We had about 2/3 of a bottle of a Vernaccia that we were given when leaving the memorial for our friend V on the 13th. It was originally bought for the holiday party on the 10th, and we both liked it a lot.




For lunch while grading finals, the TAs and I had pizza from The Cheese Board – this a butternut squash and parsnip edition. Maybe goat cheese? Unfortunately, I did not record the details other than that. It was very good, but not magical.lunch151215

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