Pizza with roasted red pepper, potatoes, and tapenade – 17 December 2015

main151217setting151217Picked a favorite for my b/day (trad.) b/c there was not to be any other celebration – that happens some random time in the summer when life is less busy. So I decided to make one of my favorite pizzas – basically the recipe outlined on 2 Jan 2014. Delicious. The only reason it’s not listed as vegetarian is that there is half an anchovy in the tapenade.

This was not the best version I’ve ever made of this pizza. I shorted the salt a bit, and also the red pepper flakes – salt in error, but flakes ok – I think this worked b/c the crust was a bit smaller than usual – didn’t stretch well for some reason. I didn’t do a great, attentive job of defrosting it this time. Used the prettiest little red pepper, though!

lagniappe151217-beautifulpepperroastedAlso used Vacherin Fribourgeois, recommended by The Cheese Board as a substitute for Fontina Valle d’Aosta (which is coming in boring right now, for some reason).

I found some interesting links to fondue recipes (and discussion in the first link) when I googled “Vacherin f” (at which point fribourgeois” came up) – one from David Leibovitz:

This would be considered a Fondue Moitié-moitié, which means it’s part Gruyère and part Vacherin Fribourgeois. And chef Prutsch told me that his mix is roughly 60%/40%, tipping in either direction, depending on the seasonal variations in the cheeses.

another from Food52:

Traditional Fondue Fribourgeois – Legendary and Original
By rabino • February 14, 2011

wine151217We had the Official Last Bottle of our beloved Domaine la Milliere Vin de Pays de Vaucluse (2009) that we got by the case at North Berkeley Wines’ 50% off sale a couple of years ago. Fantastic wine, with a bit of the “barnyard” taste that we love. There’s another bottle, D says, but we were having this as the officially last one in case the really-last one is for some reason off. And if it’s not, a bonus bottle!

Random breakfast note: D found the cutest little bananas at the Bowl the other day!



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