Omelette with mushrooms and aged gouda; lettuce salad – 20 December 2015

main151220We decided we were too stressed to go to a party tonight, so had one unexpected dinner to make (yes, we RSVP’d “no”). We had two eggs left, and D was confident that would be fine. setting151220I suggested we have a salad to use up the lettuce, and that worked, too. Further, there was milk squeezed out of the soaked bread when I made milk-soaked croutons for lunch *and used up the two endives I had bought long ago and not gotten to). D used all of that milk, which was a lot, in the omelette – but as he commented, it made the omelette fluffy 🙂

Along with the mushrooms, D grated in the last of the Rembrandt aged gouda, which had been too much to use up on his sandwich yesterday. So one more cheese done, the mushrooms done, the eggs done, and the milk for soaking the bread, used. An altogether successful using-day! I toasted up two slices of Acme Upstairs Bread, and washed up the lettuce, which D made into a nice salad with celery bits, the thin-sliced red onion I didn’t use up for lunch, and a V&O dressing.main151220-2wine151220

Earlier we had decided to use this Orvieto for dinner (Sergio Mottura, 2013), and it worked very well. No sweetness whatsoever, and you wouldn’t want sweetness with this meal. We got this at The Wine Mine in March.





Here are the milk-soaked croutons with braised endive – recipe from the now-defunct ” ‘ino ” in New York.


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