Emptying the fridge 22 December 2015

Getting ready to fly to Mom’s tomorrow at the crack of dawn – leaving the house well before the crack of dawn, actually – so we tried to eat up everything perishable in the fridge, while also freezing two lunch-sized servings of the tagine and a couple of vats of the lovely butternut squash soup.main151222

We sort of choreographed lunch and dinner so as to fit everything into one or the other meal. Left the potatoes for dinner, and D cooked them with eggs and the last of the red onion. Also ate up the last of the head of romaine in a nice salad, with the next-to-last of the Harry & David pears, leaving one for morning (below).

wine151222D suggested that we put the little bit of remaining gorgonzola over the pears, which was a great idea. I cut up one stalk of celery, and made the rest into lunch bits for the plane, also peeling and halving the last two of the carrots for the same purpose.

D bought an Acme Rustic Sweet Baguette for lunch, dinner, and plane food.

For our “last meal” we had an Acorn Cab Franc (2010) from Alegria Vineyards in the Russian River Valley.



lunchmain151222lunchsetting151222I used up a bit over half of the romaine for lunch and we had the third-to-last pear for this salad, and another of the celery stalks. I also cooked up the last of the couscous, with a small bit of the red onion mentioned above, and the last five picholine olives from the fridge. Good lunch. We also finished the bottle of Madiran we opened yesterday lunch.

Tomorrow’s (last) pear:



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