Spaghetti with Trinacria tomato sauce – 23 December 2015

At Mom’s for a bit – the whole family. R&E, who arrived two days earlier, cooked dinner with the spaghetti sauce and pork sausage they’d picked up at Trinacria in Baltimore, while B, D, & I went out to choose a Christmas tree and Mom rested.

main151223setting151223R&E cooked the sausage separately; they served the sausage over the sauce over the pasta, and gave B, who prefers to be more veggie, just a token piece of sausage. I believe Mom ended up making the salad as she is used to doing (but might have been E?) – shredded iceberg lettuce and further-cut carrot matchsticks, served with bottled dressing, typically a Thousand Island Lite.

wine151223We had two of the Bordeaux that I had left in the wine cabinet in November – Chateau Peyraud 2010 and Chateau La Grange Clinet 2012 – of which the Peyraud – “Blaye, Cotes de Bordeau” – was favored by those with a preference. LGC is a “Grand Vin de Bordeaux.

Had some reasonable kind of bread, but I don’t remember what it was. I had a bit of the baguette I didn’t eat on the plane.

Here’s the bottle from the Trinacria sauce:




Had decent coffee in the International Terminal (why international??) at SFO, and a Donsuemor French Almond Cake. This, after a banana and the remainder of the Silk for breakfast at home. Didn’t shoot a picture of lunch on the plane but it was a clearing-the-fridge sort of meal, using the last of the baguette and a bunch of cheeses and veggies. Good meal, as it turned out.


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