Chicken pot pie with sage biscuit topping; broccoli – 25 December 2015


I suggested early on that, since there were enough of us to make this light work, we make this “Chicken Pot Pie with Sage Biscuit Topping” for Christmas dinner with Mom and brother B, and R&E. There is lots of veggie cleaning and chopping, plus cutting fatty bits off four chicken breast halves and four thighs (making discards into stock) and cutting the chicken bite-sized. Then you have to make a white sauce and cook it into the chicken stew, and also make the biscuit dough to lob onto the top. We make 1.5x recipe of the topping, for the wide dish we use at Mom’s for this meal.

main151225-2The recipe is from San Francisco Flavors, by the Junior League of San Francisco. Here is the Google Books link. Pretty cool 🙂

setting151225I also steamed some broccoli and tossed it in butter and salt before serving. I decided to serve the pot pie in a bowl over a plate, but that was probably unnecessary – we could have made do with a lunch-sized plate for everything.



wine151225D and I found a favorite wine from the past at the county liquor store and decided that that would be great for dinner – Chateau de La Chaize Brouilly (2013).

Later we opened up the fruitcake that brother B had decorated with a Christmas tree back on 27 November, and R&E dug up a cognac to serve with that. Quite the luxury dessert!











dessert151225And finally: here are the potecas that E made on the 24th for Christmas breakfast:


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