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Leftover Common Grill black bean soup – 19 January 2016

We had leftover soup and leftover lentil salad ingredients. Asked to choose, D decided he felt like soup, so we had this. We just reheated the soup and topped with sour cream and La Cascada fresh salsa (mild version).Also had … Continue reading

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Pizza with chard and goat cheese – 18 January 2016

Got two lovely bunches of chard from Happy Boy at the Saturday market and I decided to make this pizza with one of them, since we also still had one unopened Laura Chenel goat cheese log from our previous trip … Continue reading

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Common Grill Black Bean Soup; kale – 16 January 2016

This is a delicious soup and great for this rainy, cold (California version) weather.  I wrote it up in some detail here. Changes are: I settled on 1Tbsp plus 1 tsp salt, and that was great. Used Niman Ranch applewood … Continue reading

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Pizza Margherita – 15 January 2016

When we were visiting Mom, D went shopping and bought two mozzarella frescas instead of one fresca and a part-skim. So there was an 8 oz ball of fresh mozz that needed eating. I brought it home with me on … Continue reading

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Leftover French lentil salad – 14 January 2016

On Monday the 11th we left half of everything, separately packaged, so we could have this French lentil salad a second time. I added a bit of water to the lentils and stirred them, also salted them with several shakes … Continue reading

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“Bacon soup”; cheddar and bread – 13 January 2016

D cooked a wonderful, delicious soup, using the stock from cooking the bacon for the French lentil salad the other night. The lentil salad recipe says to keep the liquid in which the bacon slab or pork belly was boiled. … Continue reading

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Leftover rice, porkchops, and baked garden veggies – 12 January 2016

We arranged dinners so as to use up leftovers in the middle of the string. Tonight I chopped up the rest of a red onion in the fridge that had seen better days (just a bit wimpy), and started it … Continue reading

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Warm French green lentil salad with pork belly and potatoes – 11 January 2016

I had my eye on this recipe from David Tanis’ One Good Dish since I picked it up in the store (and bought it immediately – the book fit the “how we really eat” category perfectly and we love it). … Continue reading

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Hummus with lamb; 10 January 2016

This is a recipe from the Moro cookbook, which I cooked previously and really loved. I made the hummus from dried garbanzos, tahini from the Bowl, garlic crushed in salt, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. The ground lamb is cooked … Continue reading

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Brined rosemary pork chops; long-cooked kale – 9 Jan 2016

D was concerned that we had a lot of wines in the cellar that we really should be drinking before they get too old. This is the kind of problem to have 🙂 So he chose one out that really … Continue reading

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Two-cheese sandwich; red and green peppers; apple, at 37000 ft – 3 January 2016

I made a pretty decent sandwich for my dinner on the plane home from Mom’s. I toasted a Thomas’s English muffin and buttered it (being reluctant to use mayonnaise for something that would be warm for awhile). I used up … Continue reading

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Seashell macaroni and cheese; broccoli – 2 January 2016

Last dinner at Mom’s before I return home, and we sort of punted it. Was thinking of macaroni and cheese – a favorite with Mom and veggie-bro B – but no macaroni. And also, only a bit of the mild … Continue reading

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Random leftovers for everybody after a visit to the National Christmas Tree – 1 January 2016

Not an auspicious beginning to the Year in Food, but we took Mom to see the National Christmas Tree, and on the way home through the LDS light extravaganza, which was worth the having of leftovers at 8:30 when we … Continue reading

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