Seashell macaroni and cheese; broccoli – 2 January 2016

main160102Last dinner at Mom’s before I return home, and we sort of punted it. Was thinking of macaroni and cheese – a favorite with Mom and veggie-bro B – but no macaroni. And also, only a bit of the mild yellow cheddar Mom favors. But we had some seashell pasta and some gruyere, so I decided to make a full complement of shells and thesetting160102n make one serving for myself with gruyere and the rest with the cheddar (a little milk added to both. I loved the gruyere version!

I steamed the broccoli 5 minutes, after making small floret pieces and peeling the very short stems and cutting them to 1/4″ or so thick pieces. Tossed the water, melted butter in the pan, returned the broccoli and

wine160102salted well, tossed to cover all the pieces with butter, and then served. I remembered with the pasta to drain into the serving bowl to heat it, but forgot with the broccoli. Owel. But the broccoli was also very good – got the salt just right.

D had chosen I think on the 1st a “boule” of some kind – perhaps a sourdough? – (writing this the 4th) at Safeway and we had the end of that, too.

The 2014 Tariquet “Chenin Chardonnay” I enjoyed a lot. It’s 12% alcohol so can be drunk with some abandon, and was refreshing and tasty. It’s a Cotes de Gascogne from the local county store. Mom even liked it!

Here’s how I used up most of the rest of the buttermilk from Christmas dinner – a cinnamon bread from – very sweet, but delicious!




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