Two-cheese sandwich; red and green peppers; apple, at 37000 ft – 3 January 2016

main160103I made a pretty decent sandwich for my dinner on the plane home from Mom’s. I toasted a Thomas’s English muffin and buttered it (being reluctant to use mayonnaise for something that would be warm for awhile). I used up the last of the farmer’s English cheddar that D got at either Safeway or Giant (I think the latter?) at Mom’s, and added some of the Jarlsburg he also bought, to finish out the muffin. I cut up the last of the cucumber and put slices onto the cheese, per D’s suggestion. It turned out to be a pretty decent sandwich. Also cut up and ate the red delicious apple (not in picture – came later) that had been lingering, uneaten, on the counter and was getting soft (I can’t stand to see food wasted). I cut up the entire red pepper and about half a green from pizza night, in order to take them home more conveniently (will not be used, if left – see above on food waste) and ate a few of the pieces for dinner.

I bought one of those little quarter-bottles of white wine, and so did my seatmate in the center section – ordering from flight attendants in the two different aisles (may or may not be the reason) we got two different wines. Mine was the same as on the way out – mostly Columbard, I think 20% Sauvignon.” Decent. Hers was a chardonnay of some kind. Curious.

dessert160103For dessert I had one slice of the nice (but yikes – sugary!) cinnamon bread I used to use up the buttermilk we bought for the chicken pot pie we had for Christmas dinner. And then forgot to drink the last half cup for lunch before leaving 😦 Also brought home the last of the garlic, about 1 1/2 onions, some fresh mozz D bought biaxident thinking it was regular, the last 2-3 oz of the regular mozz, the half cabbage left from Mom’s soup, the plain-Jane canned black olives… but forgot the beautiful Cheese Board gruyere, which is heartbreaking. I will contact bro B and ask him to use it or freeze it.

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