Hummus with lamb; 10 January 2016

main160110setting160110This is a recipe from the Moro cookbook, which I cooked previously and really loved. I made the hummus from dried garbanzos, tahini from the Bowl, garlic crushed in salt, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. The ground lamb is cooked with chopped onions and seasoned with cinnamon. Toasted pine nuts are added and the lamb is served over the hummus, with parsley and paprika sprinkled over the top. bread160110-MoroFlatbreadI didn’t find the lamb as strong a presence this time as previously, so it wasn’t a knockout, but it was tasty. I also cooked 8 flatbreads from the Moro book, not topping them this time with anything (usually olive oil and sumac or something). D had three of them and I had two, and the picture is actually of the three leftovers, which I stored at room temperature in a tightly sealing food container.

wine160110I’d had the presence of mind to cut off and grill (olive-oiled) four slices of eggplant on the day I made the baked garden vegetables, and I reheated these in a bit of olive oil in a frying pan tonight, salting a bit before cooking, to go with the Mediterranean main dish.

I’m writing this on the 17th, and I really don’t remember much about this wine, unfortunately: Santalba 2012 from Cotas Albas. We bought it at Vintage Berkeley when the winemaker was there, and IIRC it was a good Rioja taste. Nothing that knocked us out, though. Good match for the meal.

Dried roses on the half-wall

Dried roses on the half-wall

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