“Bacon soup”; cheddar and bread – 13 January 2016

main160113setting160113D cooked a wonderful, delicious soup, using the stock from cooking the bacon for the French lentil salad the other night. The lentil salad recipe says to keep the liquid in which the bacon slab or pork belly was boiled. D did that, also keeping the half-bay leaf, carrot, and half onion, as well as the other half-onion from cooking the lentils. He put those all together in the fridge. Tonight, he chopped the entire onion and cut up the carrot, cut a new Yukon Gold potato into bite-sized chunks and added it, and somewhat later added the soft parts from one stalk of kale from the garden. And salt. It was a most excellent soup! wine160113

D thought having some cheese would be good, and suggested we eat up the last of the Tillamook medium-sharp cheddar I had bought for the baked garden vegetables. Great choice! It went perfectly with the new Morell’s Country Batard I bought at the bakery today. What a delicious meal!

D discovered a Grocery Outlet wine – a Ventoux – that he had overlooked, and that I have no memory of (though I wrote the price on it). It was quite decent, and we enjoyed it. Good thing, b/c apparently there are a few more! It cost… $4.99 in August 2015. It’s called Les Chaberts (2012).

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