Leftover French lentil salad – 14 January 2016

main160114setting160114On Monday the 11th we left half of everything, separately packaged, so we could have this French lentil salad a second time. I added a bit of water to the lentils and stirred them, also salted them with several shakes of the shaker, then covered and microwaved 2 minutes to heat them, and tossed with half the remaining dressing, forgetting that most of the parsley and scallions were supposed to be mixed in at the last minute. Turned out fine despite that minor lapse. I put olive oil in the cast iron frying pan, sliced the bacon into ten slices (lengthwise, after cutting the chunk in half crosswise – this made the pieces cut against the grain) and heated them on moderate heat in the oil. I realized that this would be a great way to reheat the potatoes, too. I halved the remaining ones and placed them in the oil alongside the bacon, moving aside some bacon pieces that were well on their way to being re-cooked on both sides already to make a bit more room. wine160114I covered the pan with the cast iron lid for the Dutch oven, and just let them all sit and warm, and it worked great. put lentils into bowls, topped with the bacon, then the potatoes, some of which had slightly browned (nice) and then D poured the rest of the dressing over the top. This is when I remembered we were supposed to put most of the scallions and parsley into the dressing, but D said just put it all on top, and that worked out fine.

D brought up another Wine Mine selection, one we’ve had a few times, called Barbazzale (2012). It says “Cottanera” but I don’t know what that refers to… It’s a very tasty wine and comes from Etna, which gives it its slightly smokey flavor, we are told. $16.

We left behind the three large candy canes I had intended to test and possibly buy more of for Christmas at Mom’s, so D took out the Cinnamon one and broke off one piece for each of us. It was pretty good, but had an odd, slightly moldy taste to it – not sure what that was about as it is well before the sell-by date – and I’m not convinced that candy canes and cinnamon go together.  Cute, though 🙂


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