Pizza Margherita – 15 January 2016

main160115When we were visiting Mom, D went shopping and bought two mozzarella frescas instead of one fresca and a part-skim. So there was an 8 oz ball of fresh mozz that needed eating. I brought it home with me on the plane (in my lunchbag), and decided I might as well make a Margherita with it. Found 1/2 cup Margherita sauce in the freezer and just put that on the counter for a few hours; and we have a multi-plant of potted basil in the kitchen from which I took the lovely, delicate leaves to top the pizza after cooking. main160115-2

wine160115I made new dough, 1/3 King Arthur “white whole wheat” flour, the rest Central Milling white, and it was a terrific dough. I made the other 2/3 of the dough into 4 balls for future mini-pizzas and froze them.

D found a wine in the cellar that we have no clue about. Where did it come from? It had the price (“22”) written in D’s writing, but no source added to that. The wine is called Quinta de Foz de Arouce. We thought it was good (especially after sitting in our rolly decanter for awhile) but we likely wouldn’t buy it again b/c we could spend $22 better. Pretty, though 🙂



lunch160115I found one of the Costco avocados that was borderline ready to eat, so made three sandwiches out of it (that’s what it took in surface area to use the whole avocado) plus Monterey Jack and mayonnaise. One sandwich was on an double-toasted English muffin (Thomas’s, from Costco) and the other two finished off the Morell’s Country Batard that I bought on Wednesday. Also had most of the remainder of a cole slaw that D constructed on Thursday when I was at work. He read about it in the Joy of Cooking: shredded the remainder of the cabbage I brought home from Mom’s (having assumed it had no future use there); tried substituting whole milk for cream, decided to add mayonnaise too; added some lemon zest but thought better of it, zested a bit of tangerine rind instead and liked that; added sliced fennel and also anise seed… Anyway, it was really interesting tasting and we enjoyed it.

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