Common Grill Black Bean Soup; kale – 16 January 2016

main160116setting160116This is a delicious soup and great for this rainy, cold (California version) weather.  I wrote it up in some detail here. Changes are: I settled on 1Tbsp plus 1 tsp salt, and that was great. Used Niman Ranch applewood smoked ham – again great. Not sure how much bacon it was – just over 1/4 lb but how many strips is that? – b/c used the leftover ends of the chunk of uncut slab bacon D bought for the lentil salad on the 11th. Cooked the beans in the large Revere saucepan, and the soup itself in our smaller pasta cooker, which I think is probably 4 quarts. Served with sour cream and La Cascada mild Salsa Fresca.

wine160116I cut seven of the longest stems of kale and pulled the soft leaves off the stems, and then we boiled them about 5 minutes. I drained the leaves (pouring the water into the serving bowls to heat them) and added butter and (too much, again) salt. Good though. Also bought another loaf of Morell’s multigrain at the farmers’ market today – this was a perfect meal for it.

We went to a Wine Mine tasting today and tried out a Ventoux D picked up on spec (not in the tasting set). It was good and we enjoyed it, but not enough to run back and buy them out or anything. Domaine la Pigeade “Les Sables” 2014; 13% alcohol.



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